Working in China effectively and successfully requires a basic understanding of China and the Chinese, as well as a set of basic intercultural, social and business skills. Wealton offers tailor-made skills development workshops, in which we provide you with crucial insights into relevant developments in China and Chinese education, and which allows you to acquire and develop the skills and competencies that are most useful when dealing with the Chinese.

Issues to be address during our workshops may include:

  • Chinese perceptions of the UK and British higher education;
  • Social, economic and political developments in China;
  • The do's and don'ts of doing business in China;
  • Trends and developments in (international) education in China;
  • Marketing to the Chinese;
  • Social media in China;
  • Working with Chinese recruitment agents;
  • Optimising your participation in Chinese education fairs.

Tobey Zhang is an experienced speaker and trainer, who has presented at conferences and conducted workshops for a variety of universities and schools.