While managing and expanding your activities and collaborations in China, how convenient would it be to have your own person on the ground in loco, who looks after your interests on your behalf! Someone who is your primary point of contact in China, who understands your institution and your ambitions, who has a good understanding of the local situation and speaks the language, who implements your China strategy for you  and who reports to you on this directly?  

Wealton Education International now makes it possible for you to have your own Representative in China. Your China Rep will work for you on a full-time or part-time basis. (S)he will be located at our offices in Beijing, and work under the supervision of Wealton management. You need not worry about office facilities, IT infrastructure, labour contracts or financial administration, as we will take care of these. Your China Rep will have direct access to the resources and networks of Wealton, and be able to build on the expertise and experience that is already available. (S)he will work for you on the basis of a mutually agreed annual activity plan with concrete targets and deliverables, and formally report to you quarterly.

The advantages of having your own China Rep include:

  • Guard and expand your institutions brand awareness and brand recognition in the Chinese market;
  • Maintain and expand your operational networks in China;
  • Build and maintain your Chinese website;
  • Shorten the lines of communications with your Chinese counterparts;
  • Guarantee your 24/7 presence in Chinese social media;
  • Support, train, motivate and monitor your agents;
  • Grow the number of applications for your institution;
  • Control and raise the quality of Chinese applications and applicants and enhance conversion rates;
  • Engage and mobilise your alumni;
  • Identify and promptly react to new business opportunities.
  • Save yourself a lot of time, money and effort!