Recruitment agents play a crucial role in Chinese outbound student mobility and will continue to do so for many years to come. They serve as both an important source of information on study abroad opportunities and as a service provider to local students. Agents are particularly relevant to smaller or relatively unknown education providers, which often need the active support of local recruitment representatives to bring their name and offering under the attention of the unfamiliar target audience. 

At Wealton, we set-up, manage and oversee recruitment efforts of our European partners through a strong network of licensed Chinese recruitment agents. We have worked closely with some of the country’s most powerful and reputable agents for many years. Many of our agents operate nationally, which enables you to recruit nation-wide and avoid the traditional singular focus on the already clogged markets in Beijing and Shanghai. In addition, we manage the application process for you: we collect the applications from agents, we certify they are complete and satisfy your admission criteria, and ensure smooth and timely communications between your admissions team and your prospective students.

The advantages of recruiting with Wealton include:

  • One stop shop for all your recruitment affairs;
  • No need to “re-invent the wheel” and identify suitable agents;
  • Instant access to a wide network of agents;
  • Real-time communications with study counsellors across the country;
  • Immediate response to students’ enquiries;
  • Continuous support, motivation and monitoring of agents and study counsellors;
  • High quality applications, high conversion rates;
  • Increased applications and enrolments.