Whether it is your aim to recruit more students, establish new partnerships, or strengthen research collaborations, your success will largely depend on how your institution is perceived by prospective counterparts and students in China. Wealton provides comprehensive marketing and promotion services for British universities and other institutions of education, aimed at enhancing brand awareness and brand recognition and at strengthening your institution's position on the China market. We design and roll-out full marketing strategies, that bring your message to the market through a broad and effective mixture of online and offline marketing channels and outlets. Through our marketing networks in China, we provide you with access to advertising and other marketing activities at competitive rates. 

Partial Marketing Activities

  • Production and distribution of your Chinese language brochures (including writing, translations, editing, graphic design, high quality printing, storage and distribution);
  • International and local/provincial/agency education fairs and exhibitions (including preparation, participation, follow up);
  • Setting up and managing recruitment agency networks;
  • Releasing advertisements and advertorials in China’s most influential online media outlets (incl. Sina, QQ, Xinhuanet, etc.);
  • Setting up and running your social media and video accounts at China's Facebook, Twitter and Youtube-equivalents (Sina Weibo, Wechat, Youku, etc.);
  • Events organisation (information sessions, alumni gatherings);
  • Public relations and government relations.