Working in China and collaborating with Chinese partners may sometimes appear to be a challenging and daunting undertaking. Entering the Chinese market requires a vision on what you wish to achieve, a healthy dose of curiosity and yes, quite a bit of stamina as well; operating in China requires local knowledge and partners, an open mind and flexible attitude, and a set of social, cultural and business skills quite different from those in use in the western world. These are exactly the assets that Wealton will bring to the table in your quest to strengthen your position in and cooperation with China.

At Wealton, we help you navigate the intricacies of the Chinese education market and achieve your goals effectively. We do not believe in one-size-fits-all business solutions. Instead, we listen to your story, we provide tailor-made and straightforward advise to help you fine-tune your vision and ambitions, and deliver customised, practical, no-frills A-to-Z solutions that deliver the results you look for.


  • Need market intelligence to develop your China strategy?
  • Want to identify suitable exchange partners in China, and get in touch? 
  • Want to know how to set up a joint-degree or pathway programme with a Chinese university? 
  • Not sure how to assess the quality of your prospective new Chinese partner institution? 
  • Or how to interpret the latest Chinese rankings? 
  • Wondering why your Chinese agent does not deliver you the students you expect? 
  • What are the latest developments in any specific academic discipline? 
  • How to set up your own Representative Office in China?